1. Bowie –

These are large sheath knives that were popularized by the 19th-century American pioneer Jim Bowie. The feature that differentiates this knife from others are a cross guard, clip point and sheath carry. The main distinguishing features are a cross guard, sheath carry, and often a clip point. knife

  1. Clip Folder –

This knife is the folding type that comes with a clip that is mounted to the handle, and this helps the user attach it to a pocket or a belt for convenience.  These knives are favorite outdoor must-haves.

  1. Machete –

This knife is equipped with a long and heavy blade that is primarily used to cut a path through thick forests or vegetation. These are considered the pocket-knives of those in the tropics as it’s utilized for daily survival. These knives are most common amongst the workers as it makes it easier to cut through plantations.

  1. Assist-Opening –

These are commonly known as switchblades, but that’s not the right term to use. These knives demand manual initiation of the blade before the spring or any other mechanism can take over to flip it up.

  1. Multitool –

A multitool is a Self-contained folding tool that includes pliers, blades, files, drivers, etc. These knives have designs for every type of outdoor activity.

  1. Pocketknife –

Pocketknives are also known as Jackknives. These are knives that include in them a number of folding blades and various other implements that will facilitate daily and emergency requirements.

  1. Survival –

Commonly known as a Fixed blade, Survival knives are made solely for the purpose of guarding lives and supporting survival. One can use these knives in the wilderness, for purposes such as cutting wood to start a fire or to use wood to build a shelter for oneself.

  1. Swiss Army –

The Swiss Army Knives were and still are popular amongst many people till date. This knife was initially or originally commissioned by the Swiss Army in the late, and there are multiple implements that fold into handle for storage. Victorinox makes the most authentic and popular Swiss Army Knives.

  1. Dagger –

Daggers are double-edged knives with a central spine, full-length, and sharpened edges. Unless you plan on hiding one in your boot or engaging in a knife fight, a dagger is not of much use outdoors. It is majorly utilized for defense purposes or to commit a murder or other crime.

  1. Throwing –

Throwing knives are specially weighted for spinning on a throw. These knives have extremely solid construction and blunt-ended handle butts. Additionally, some throwing knives tend to be sold as a set to be utilized for multiple throws.