Can you weld broken knife blades?


I have dedicated a big part of my life working with different metals, starting from regular mild steel up to stainless and damascus. As you all of you probably know, blades are a passion of

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10 Deadliest Combat Knives


Push Dagger This knife is commonly known as fist knife, push knife, push dirk is a short knife with a design similar to the letter “T.” The knife is specially designed to be firm in the

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Best Folding Knives for Self-Defense


Self-defense is very important, and you should always be ready for anything if you are living in a bad neighborhood. Here are the top folding knives for self-defense purposes: 11 Tactical Karambit Folder- Steve Tarani

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Benefits of plating in the dental industry


The dental industry is one that has received great benefit from advancements in technology. Over the past 30 years or so, dentistry has advanced in leaps and bounds. This is true both practices in dentistry

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Top 8 Tactical Knives 2018


Category A - Fixed Blade Knives  Tactical Fixed Blade Knives are knives that are used explicitly for self-defense purposes.  The top knives in this category are: US Army Ka-Bar - The U.S Army knife is

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Types of Outdoor Knives


Bowie - These are large sheath knives that were popularized by the 19th-century American pioneer Jim Bowie. The feature that differentiates this knife from others are a cross guard, clip point and sheath carry. The

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