Self-defense is very important, and you should always be ready for anything if you are living in a bad neighborhood. Here are the top folding knives for self-defense purposes:

  1. 11 Tactical Karambit Folder-

Steve Tarani is a defensive tactics instructor and also an advisor to the DEA, TSA, FBI, NSA, and contractor to a few other organizations. He is known to be a professional in handling weapons for self-defense and the main reason the tactical Karambit folder made it to the top list. Most of the karambits are old defensive tools. They are not the handiest tools for things other than self-defense; however, the knife is favored by many for its usefulness.Karambit Folder

  1. SpydercoP’Kal-

This is another knife that is designed by Michael Janich who is someone with a background in self-defense and martial arts. He has been studying and teaching self-defense and all its techniques for more than 35 long years. Using his knowledge he created few knives for Spyderco, including the knife “P’Kal.” The name of the knife is taken from the term “pakal,” meaning an icepick grip that is comfortable and easy to hold. The knife has a 3.19-inch blade that is made from S30V stainless steel and even uses a ball-bearing lock so that the knife can stay open. The Black G-10 handle scales make it very easy to keep a grip, even if you have sweaty palms.

  1. Emerson CQC-7-

The next knife on the list is designed by the father of tactical knifes Ernest Emerson, and he has created every blade for combat. If you are selecting one Emerson, then pick the CQC which stands for close-quarters combat and place where the knife excels. The knife has a modified tanto point that is perfect for slashing and piercing. The knife has black G-10 handle that offers a secure grip, and even the models have been upgraded to include the Emerson Wave Feature.Emerson Wave

  1. Cold Steel Ti-Lite 6″-

The Cold Steel Ti-Lite is an old design that is meant to look like the switchblades similar to ones in the year 1950. It has a long spear-point blade that is optimal for piercing. The knife comes in different sizes, but TI-LITE is a massive 6-inch blade. At this length, the knife is only good for self-defense.Cold Steel

  1. Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero XL-

If you do not want to wet yourself, you may need to avoid the  Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero Xl due to its gigantic size. The knife has a curvaceous 5.5-inch blade that is made from the carpenter BD1 Alloy with a stonewashed finish. It is not a normal knife that you use to cut apples nor to be used in public.