1. Push Dagger

This knife is commonly known as fist knife, push knife, push dirk is a short knife with a design similar to the letter “T.” The knife is specially designed to be firm in the hand so that blade is pointing out forward, emerging from between the 2nd and 3rd finger.

  1. Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife

The F-S fighting knife or commonly know as Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife was made in 1941, specifically for British commandos and the marine raiders during the Second World War.dagger

  1. BC-41

The BC-41 is a mixture of Knuckleduster/dagger weapon which was used during World War II by the British commandos in close range combat and ambush situations. It is an extremely rare fighting knife. Charles Clements in Sheffield England originally designed it. The clip point part of the blade is strongly joined to the knuckle guard and also a strong plastic material called Bakelite.

  1. Fixation Bowie

The knife is a fighting type knife that can be used by almost anyone. The SOG Company makes it. Similar to all the other knife products made by the company, this knife is one of their finest weapons made. The knife has seamless fits between the blade and cross guard, thumb notches, spanner nuts, wrap-around checkered handles, and a cross guard cut-out. Altogether a distinctive knife for the users.matt Bowie

  1. M-9 Bayonet

It is a knife built for multi purposes in combat, designed and manufactured by Charles A. “Mickey” Finn in 1984. The features of knife are LBE belt attachment with quick release, black coated blade. The hard sheath of the knife has strapped loops and pivot pin which is used with the knife as an emergency wire cutter

  1. SOG Seal Knife 2000

It is specifically designed for navy seals, who are the top elite military forces around the globe. The knife is about 12.4 inches in length overall. Some of the specialties of the knife are, powder coated blade, Racy new blade shape and longer cutting edge, longer ergonomic handle with deeper finger grooves and an extended tang for glass breaking and hammering.

  1. LHR Combat Knife

This knife is the modern fighting knife made for soldiers who needed a weapon for close ranged combat. The developers of the knife are the award-winning knife makers Chris Reeve and William W.Harsey Jr.

  1. Gerber Mark II

The knife is a 12-inch long knife with a 6.75-inch blade. The knife’s blade has double wide serrations on each side of the diamond cross-section shaped blade. The handle of the knife has a single piece cast on black metal with GERBER marker mark on one side. It was included in the paratroopers’ survival kit.

  1. Bundeswehr Advanced Combat Knife (BW-ACK)

This combat knife is a modern multi-function knife that is required by the new generation of military personnel. It was made in Germany and is used by the German military. It is popular because of its multi-function design and lightweight.

  1. Eickhorn Advanced Combat Knife

This knife is an advanced combat knife that was made to meet and exceed Mil and NATO standards that fulfill the requirements of the German armed forces. It was developed in Germany for military purposes. The knife also comes with a bottle opener, universal saw and wire stripper.